Hugh Stoddart

Hugh Stoddart is a British screenwriter for TV and cinema. His works include To The Lighthouse (Bafta shortlisted as "best single drama"), Remembrance (Grand Prize Taormina and shortlisted for an Evening Standard award for "best screenplay") and We Think the World of You (with Alan Bates and Gary Oldman). The Big Battalions (starring Brian Cox), The Mill on the Floss (with Emily Watson) and Dialogues of the Dead were all broadcast on national television, with the latter winning an RTS "Best Drama" Award. He has written and directed two short films, and his debut feature as writer/director is in development. His first feature film, Waiting for you, co-written with director Charles Garrad, and shot in France and the UK in the summer of 2015, is currently in post-production. Hugh is currently a screenwriting mentor at the London Film School, and, from 2008-2014, was a director of the Authors Licensing & Collecting Society, one of SAA’s British members.