Enrique Urbizu

Enrique Urbizu is a Spanish screenwriter and director. He directed his first film Tu novia está loca (Your Girlfriend is Crazy) in 1987 and was praised by the audience and the critic for La Caja 507 (Box 507) in 2002 and La vida mancha in 2003. He adapted Perez-Reverte's novelThe Club Dumas which under the title The Ninth Gate was directed by Roman Polanski in 1999. His last film No habrá paz para los malvados (No Rest for the Wicked) was released in 2011 winning numerous awards in Spain. In 2015 he directed two episodes of the television series Las aventuras del capitan Alatriste. The release of his latest film, 2,014 hijos de puta, is announced for 2017.

He has served as Vice President of the Spanish Film Academy and was the Chair of DAMA between 2006 and June 2014.