Les Cinéastes Invitent ... Cristian Mungiu

Baccalaureat Poster
Le Pacte

The ARP, the Cinéma des Cinéastes, SACD, the SAA and Le Pacte are delighted to welcome Cristian Mungiu on Monday 28th November at 8pm to present "Graduation" and to have a discussion with Bertrand Tavernier after the screening. The event will take place at the Cinéma des Cinéastes in Paris.

The aim of these evenings (this is the 23rd edition) is to encourage exchanges between France and other European countries.  This is done through the premiere of a film, followed by a debate with the director on both artistic aspects of the film as well as the specific nature of the different types of European cinema: financing conditions and aids to film in the country concerned, the circulation of the films outside France, issues related to coproductions and authors' rights...