The 5th edition of 'One Day in Strasbourg'

(c) Maxime Faury

The 5th edition of the “One Day in Strasbourg” event was co-organised by SAA and the European Parliament's LUX Film Prize, in partnership with FERA and FSE.  

The day before the LUX Prize ceremony a dinner was organised together with Members of the European Parliament, prominent authors including the LUX Prize finalists, and representatives from collective management organisations across Europe.

This year, several of the LUX Prize finalists signed an open letter to highlight the need to pay attention to, and talk, not only about the films they make, but about how they are being remunerated for what they create.

  • See a few photos from the evening on our Facebook page.
  • Read the open letter of the Lux Film Prize finalists in English and French and the press release.
  • Watch a short video capturing a few words of the speech by Mila Turajlić, one of the LUX Prize finalists.
  • Read the brochure explaining the key elements of the European Parliament’s proposal for a fair and proportionate remuneration principle to be included in the Copyright Directive.