Regional Seminar on Audiovisual Authors' Rights in Central and Eastern Europe

On 26-27 October, the SAA together with two of its members, AIPA in Slovenia and ZAPA in Poland, welcomed participants from 10 countries in Belgrade, Serbia to a Regional Seminar on Audiovisual Authors' Rights in Central and Eastern Europe. 

The main focus of the seminar was on the state of play in Europe for audiovisual authors’ rights and their collective management, insights from the region and its challenges for CMOs, best practices and  how to go forward.

Participants from Serbia, Poland, Romania, the Republic of Kosovo, Lithuania, Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia as well as France participated in the meeting. Cécile Despringre for the SAA presented the big picture of the collective right management for audiovisual authors in Europe, and the implementation of the 2019 Directives on Copyright in the Digital Single Market and “SatCab II” in Central and Eastern Europe. Representatives from Croatia, Poland and Slovenia shared their experiences, insights and challenges for audiovisual authors` CMOs. Finally, best-practice was presented and discussions took place about the potential of growth, cultural diversity, empowering CMOs where components of inclusiveness, supervision and transparency were defined as crucial.  The participants concluded to continue cooperation, dialogue and meet again next year.