Are content creators content?

Europe is a historical continent of content creators.

We’ve had some of the world’s best.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Picasso – they really made some great content. Today’s museums are lucky that these guys were creating content to fill the space.

Dickens, Moliere, Goethe. Without their content, today’s libraries and bookshops would certainly be less attractive.

Beethoven, Chopin, The Beatles – their content still fills concert halls (on occasion) and music stores (both online and offline) today.

We’ve filled up a lot of places in the real world with content.

But the internet is massive and getting bigger every day. The companies on there need more and more content to keep people happy. They’re not interested in “works”, or “art”, or even works of art, masterpieces, films, music and books, literature, graphic novels, concept albums, opuses. All these terms have been boiled down to one word “content”. Just stuff that fills space.

Europe still has some of the world’s best content creators, but are they content?