Creation, Freedom and the Internet

Next week I am going to participate in a breakfast panel entitled “Striking the balance between IP protection and Internet freedom in Europe”.  The line-up includes two rightsholder representatives (myself and Sylvie Forbin from Vivendi), a Pirate Party MEP (Mr Engström) and three organisations who promote the freedom of the internet (Marco Pancini from Google, Philippe Aigrain from the Quadrature du Net and Markus Kummer from the Internet Society).  I accepted to join this debate because I fundamentally believe that the “balance” mentioned in the title can be found.

The only way for us to achieve any balance though, is through dialogue and debate.  The confrontational situation that we have seen over the last year will not help us better remunerate creators or bring more content to the world.  I doubt that we will find a solution on the day but I do hope that it will mark the first steps in an essential dialogue for the future. Come along and join in.  Details on how to register can be found here. CD