FILMJUS is a Hungarian collective administration society for the protection of audiovisual authors' and producers' rights, operating in the territory of Hungary according to the authorization given by the competent Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture. FILMJUS administers secondary rights such as cable retransmission remuneration rights and private copy remuneration rights (on behalf of all rightholders) and also various primary rights (on behalf of only national authors for the moment), with respect to the following categories of rightholders: directors, directors of photography, scriptwriters/authors of the screenplay, costume - and set designers and film producers as well. The management of the above rights has an extended nature by law and such rights are managed collectively in Hungary .The collections are performed by the umbrella society Artisjus, while FILMJUS is in charge of the distribution among the national and - based on a number of representation agreements concluded with similar societies - international rightholders.

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