Janine Lorente Elected Chair of SAA Board of Directors

Janine Lorente

The board of the Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA) has unanimously elected SACD Deputy General Manager, Janine Lorente, as its new Chair. The election was held as Gerhard Pfennig stepped down from his position as Managing Director at VG Bild-Kunst after 33 years at the German society. As part of the elections Robert Staats, Managing Director of VG Wort, was elected as Vice Chair, as Scam Director General, Hervé Rony, stepped down.

Cécile Despringre, SAA Executive Director said “All of SAA’s members would like to thank Gerhard for all of his work in helping us establish ourselves and successfully launch our proposal for a collectively managed unwaivable remuneration right for audiovisual authors.  His experience has been invaluable and we wish him all the best.”

Janine Lorente, SACD Deputy Director General added “SAA has been incredibly lucky to have had 2 excellent chairs of the board since its creation 2 year’s ago.  First Suzan Dormer, then Gerhard Pfennig.  While those are big boots to fill, I’m very much looking forward to that challenge and helping to continue SAA’s progress.”


About SAA

The Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA) is an association of European Collective Management Societies representing audiovisual authors. Through its members (25 societies in 18 countries) SAA represents over 120,000 film and television European screenwriters and directors. More information www.saa-authors.eu

The SAA Board of Directors

The SAA board of directors is made up of representatives from the following societies: