SAA elected onto board of Cultural and Creative Industries Platform

SAA was elected on to the board of the European Platform on the potential of the European Cultural and creative Industries at the platform’s plenary meeting on January 12th 2012.

SAA has been a member of the platform,  which was set up at the initiative of the European Commission following its Communication on a European Agenda in 2007, since 2010.  The platform’s initial aim was to bring together a diverse range of actors from the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) to produce broad recommendations to feed into European decision making processes which brings together EU Member States in the field of culture.  Following the publication of these recommendations in 2009 the platform continued its work, focussing on areas that need urgent action at European level and culminating in the publication of new recommendations in 2011. The platform’s next task will be to promote these recommendations and raise the profile of the sector as a whole among decision makers.

Cécile Despringre said: “One of the first things SAA did after being created was to join the platform.  Directors and screenwriters like all creators are at the heart of the cultural and creative industries and SAA looks forward to working with the broader cultural and creative sector to promote their interests and show to decision makers how investing in culture and creation can drive Europe’s growth and create jobs while continuing to develop Europe’s cultural heritage and bringing further societal benefits.”