One day in Strasbourg - SAA shows off Europe's audiovisual creativity

For the first edition of “One Day in Strasbourg”, The Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA), the European association of audiovisual collective rights management organisations for screenwriters and directors, is putting the spotlight on Europe’s new boom in TV series on the 21st May. Creators, collective management organisations and MEPs will meet for informal discussions about the work of screenwriters and directors in creating a TV series over the course of the evening.

European TV series are no longer in the shadow of its cinema.  The small screen is now capable of producing real quality as shown by the success of series like Bron (The Bridge) and Real Humans (Sweden), Party Animals (UK), Les Revenants and Pigalle, la nuit (France).  With real cultural and economic value, the TV series has become a prolific sector generating huge interest.  Sold and broadcast across Europe, TV series are starting to show another side to Europe’s audiovisual creativity and are reinventing cultural diversity.

SAA has decided to bring together politicians, collective management organisations (CMOs) and European screenwriters and directors to look at this development through a screening and presentations, following a day of meetings in the European Parliament.

The European authors that will be there to share their first-hand experiences of the creation and European cooperation and show the role of CMOs in helping royalties cross borders are:

Lars Lundström – the Swedish creator who came up with Wallander and, more recently, Real Humans, which has been a real success across Europe and whose universe he created from A-Z.

Harald Hamrell – the Swedish director of the first two series of Real Humans.

Hervé Hadmar, the French screenwriter who wrote and directed Pigalle, la nuit.  He’s currently working on a new series for France Televisions and on a concept for a European series.

At a time when the European Parliament is discussing collective rights management in detail, SAA, through these great talents from across Europe, wants to show how dynamic the European TV series sector is and how collective management is supporting it.  This event will create the perfect conditions for discussions between creators, collective management organisations and decision makers on these key issues.