SAA, FERA and FSE call for prominence of European works online

Joint contribution to converged media green paper underlines importance of AVMS Directive in guaranteeing future health of EU audiovisual production.

In their joint contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on Preparing for a Fully Converged Audiovisual World, SAA, FERA and FSE called on the European Commission to continue to support Europe’s audiovisual sector through the continued development and implementation of legislation such as the AVMS Directive as online access to audiovisual content grows.

While currently only representing a small proportion of audiovisual viewing, this is clearly an area of growth and the blurred lines created by TVs and tablets showing both traditional TV and online content will raise challenges but should not be an excuse to break down the measures that have been developed in Europe over the last 25 years.

You can read the full contribution here.