SAA Patron Jochen Greve speaks at European Parliament IP conference

German screenwriter calls copyright and collective management organisations a screenwriter’s “only weapons” in “jungle full of snakes”.

German screenwriter, Jochen Greve, was invited to speak at the European Parliament on 10th April at a conference hosted by Mary Honeyball MEP and organised by CSPH and Confrontations Europe.  Other speakers at the conference included former chief of Commissioner Barnier’s cabinet, Olivier Guersent as well as Kerstin Jorna and Maria Martin Prat of DG Internal Market.

One of the key conclusions of the conference was that fair remuneration for creators should be a firm priority of Europe’s work on intellectual property rights as well as the need for the respect of rights in the online environment.  The debate also covered a number of issues beyond copyright and looked at the potential impact of the EU US TTIP agreement currently being negotiated.