SAA raises concern over future EC Copyright White Paper

Supported by renowned screenwriters and directors, the SAA has written to Commissioners Barnier and Vassiliou over the contents of a leaked draft Impact Assessment on Copyright.

With the European Commission still analysing the thousands of contributions to its copyright consultation, the SAA has reacted with serious concerns following the leak on Statewatch of an initial draft of the European Commission’s Impact Assessment on any potential action on copyright.

The draft makes for worrying reading for audiovisual authors and suggests that the European Commission will look to legislate on areas (country of origin principle or targeting approach, exhaustion principle for downloaded works, mandatory bundling of the rights of reproduction and of communication to the public, mandatory rights registration to benefit from the current EU terms of protection) that will all leave screenwriters and directors weaker.

Ahead of the Cannes film festival and with the European Commission celebrating the number of Europe supported films in competition it seems strange that the European Commission is looking to undermine not only its own investment in film, but also Europe’s screenwriters and directors.