European cinema in the digital era

Bogdan Wenta MEP’s draft report discussed in the European Parliament Culture committee.

On Tuesday 20th January the European Parliament’s education and culture discussed the draft report by Bogdan Wenta MEP on the future of Europe’s cinema sector in the digital era.  The report is the Parliament’s response to the European Commission’s Communication on European film in the Digital Era.

A large number of MEPs welcomed the report and underlined the cultural and social role of cinema as well as its industrial nature.  Heritage preservation, improved marketing and cross-border distribution, as well as media literacy were also raised during the discussions.  Germany MEP, Helga Trüpel, also questioned how future Commission initiatives on cross-border access would enable the continued sustainable financing of film production in the digital era.

The Culture committee will vote on Mr Wenta’s draft report on 24 March 2015.

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