SAA is 5: Facts & Figures

This week SAA is marking its 5th anniversary. Find out more about what SAA has done since 2010 in facts and figures.

SAA has grown from 9 founder members in 2010 to 29 members from 22 countries.  The total amount of member societies' audiovisual collections was €452 million in 2013, in an industry with revenues of €122 billion (making the collections just 0.37%).  The smallest audiovisual collections of a society were just over €400,000 and the largest nearly €140 million.

Since SAA’s creation in 2010, SAA has:

Organised 7 meetings of patron screenwriters and directors with European Commissioners, met 56 members of the European Parliament on diverse occasions, 28 Permanent Representations of Member States and actively participated in the Licences for Europe stakeholder dialogue in 2013 to conclude a framework agreement and roadmap for film archives.

Launched 6 publications:

Submitted 14 contributions to public consultations on:

  • Cable and Satellite Directive, 2015
  • Audiovisual Media Services, 2015
  • Review of the EU copyright rules, 2014
  • Tax problems faced by EU citizens when active across borders within the EU, 2014
  • Preparing for a fully converged audiovisual world (with FERA and FSE), 2013
  • Private copying levies (Vitorino report and European Parliament resolution), 2012
  • Procedures for notifying and acting on illegal content hosted by online intermediaries, 2012
  • Green Paper on the online distribution of audiovisual works: opportunities and challenges towards a digital single market, 2011
  • State aid for films and other audiovisual works, 2011
  • Cloud computing, 2011
  • Green Paper on the future of VAT, 2011
  • Application of Directive 2004/48/EC on the enforcement of intellectual property rights (2011)
  • Implementation of Directive 2000/31/EC on electronic commerce, 2010
  • Green Paper on unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries, 2010

Organised and partnered a number of events:

  • SAA conference - Putting Authors at the Heart of the Creative Economy, 2015
  • SAA Conference – Audiovisual Authors Online: Seizing the Digital Revolution, 2011
  • Two editions of the European Cinema Rendez-Vous (Kon Tiki 2013, Cédric Klapisch 2014)
  • Two editions of One Day in Strasbourg (2013, 2014)
  • 15 editions of “Les Cinéastes invitent l’ami européen” organised by L’ARP in Paris
  • FERA event “No Place for Young Women” in Strasbourg, 2013

Launched 1 and partnered 2 petitions:

  • Creators for Europe, 2014 (29,000 signatures)
  • The Cultural exception is non-negotiable, 2013 (8,657 signatures)
  • Support Europe’s Creators, Support Authors’ Rights, 2012 (18,561 signatures)