Joint statement: Direct Injection - rightsholders' call to Member States

A wide cross-section of the European creative community hopes and expects the European institutions to agree on a meaningful solution to the very real and growing problem associated with Direct Injection (DI). We have been disappointed by the Council’s decision so far not to address the problem.

"We are now distressed to learn that the Council may be considering to propose a “review clause” instead of a solution. This would be an unjust and unwarranted gift to the powerful broadcasters, and cable and other operators who benefit from this ongoing resource transfer at the expense of Europe’s creators. It would guarantee them a carte blanche, realistically for at least five years, by which time they will have established a new reality for using our content with a substantially lower return to creators and rightholders, if at all. In isolation, they will likely be in a position to block action on this issue indefinitely given their substantial power.

How can the European institutions justify such an unfair and economically uncalled for practice? Will they compensate those who suffer the losses?

Substantial evidence has been provided to justify action now..."

SAA is one of the associations that have signed the joint statement. Download the full letter below.