5 takeaways from SAA's expert seminar on Artificial Intelligence

The SAA's expert seminar on 30 January brought together policymakers, academics, authors and CMOs’ representatives, who discussed the impact of generative AI on audiovisual authors’ work and rights in Europe.

5 takeaways

Read our summary of the event, highlighting our 5 takeaways. 

  1. Art and creativity are not industrial processes.
  2. Generative AI was not considered for the text and data mining exception of the Copyright Directive in 2019.
  3. Transparency is a prerequisite to defend authors’ rights.
  4. Collective management organisations have expertise and experience that AI companies could learn from.
  5. The AI Act is only the beginning of the copyright debate.


Read their full biographies

  • Tom CHATFIELD, Author and tech philosopher
  • Sari DEPREEUW, Lawyer, Professor of Law and ABA President (Belgian ALAI group) 
  • Dan NECHITA, Head of Cabinet of Dragoș Tudorache, MEP, co-rapporteur for the AI Act
  • Patrick RAUDE, Secretary General of SACD and Vice-chair of the SAA
  • Anke SCHIERHOLZ, Head of the Legal Department of Bild-Kunst and President of the board of directors of EVA 
  • Paul LAURENT, IP Adviser of the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium
  • Axel VOSS, MEP, rapporteur for the Legal Affairs Committee on the AI Act and former rapporteur of the 2019 Copyright Directive

Moderator: Alia PAPAGEORGIOU (President of Press Club Brussels Europe, Member of the Board journalismfund.eu and consultant).

Bonus material

See also our bonus material recorded ahead of the event:

  • Interview with Vince Buyssens, Creative digital strategist (Belgium) for an interesting and thought-provoking talk with about AI and the impact on culture and creative professionals.