Press release: Audiovisual authors’ organisations call on EU citizens to vote!

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Members of the SAA and its Patrons are sending a message to their fellow citizens to stand up for a democratic Europe and its cultural diversity by voting in the European elections on 6-9 June 2024.

“As filmmakers and their representative organisations, we understand the power of storytelling to inspire change and shape the world we live in. However, there is another powerful tool to make a difference and impact change: our vote.”

Members of the EU Parliament have a long track record of supporting authors and artists. The SAA recalls that thanks to the Parliament the principle of fair and proportionate remuneration was enshrined in the 2019 EU Copyright directive, MEPs actively defended the recovery of the cultural and creative sectors following the pandemic, they supported the promotion and financing of European works and most recently, they echoed the creators’ concerns against big tech companies when negotiating the EU AI Act.

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The European Parliament prepares new laws and take decisions that shape our daily life. European legislation, and the work by Members of the European Parliament, make a real difference for the rights of authors The SAA highlighted 6 ways the EU Parliament supported audiovisual authors during its 9th legislative term 2019-2014.

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  1. Championed authors’ rights and fair remuneration.
  2. Defended the cultural and creative sectors in times of COVID-19 outbreak.
  3. Spotlighted the working conditions and status of authors and artists.
  4. Mobilised across political parties for culture and authors’ rights.
  5. Supported the promotion and financing of European works.
  6. Celebrated European cinema and cultural diversity.


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