Stijn Coninx

Stijn Coninx is a Belgian writer and director best known for the movie Koko Flanel (1990), one of the most successful Flemish films ever and Daens (1992) that was nominated for the Oscars. He has also directed several television series, including Het Peulengaleis, the story of a fishing family from Heist, based on the book by Joseph Vantorre De Kavijaks. In 2008, Coninx wrote and directed Soeur Sourire (Sister Smile) with Cécile de France as the leading actress. In 2013 came the release of Marina, which follows the singer Rocco Granata, a son of a mining family emigrated from Italy. Ay! Ay! Ramon, a humorous fiction depicting Santa Claus’s adventures in a fantasised Spain, was released in Belgium in 2015. Coninx directed Niet Schieten released in 2018 in Belgium. He did two works focused again on Christmas with the film Sinterklaas en de wakkere nachten, released in 2018 and the TV series Dag Sinterklaas in 2019. Recently, he directed Sinterklaas en Koning Kabberdas (Sinterklaas and King Kabberdas).