Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, with Cécile Despringre, Executive Director. Photo: Sophie Degroote

On 28 June 2021, the SAA held its General Assembly meeting, closing its books for the year and adopting a strategic plan for 2022-2024. A new Board of Directors was elected, made up of 8 member organisations.

Barbara Hayes, Chair and Patrick Raude, Vice-chair were re-elected for another term.

The full board is:

  • AIPA, Slovenia (Gregor Štibernik)
  • ALCS, UK (Barbara Hayes)
  • Copyswede, Sweden (Lars Grönquist)
  • LITA, Slovakia (Jana Vozarova)
  • SACD, France (Patrick Raude)
  • ZAPA, Poland (Dominik Skoczek)
  • VdFS, Austria (Gernot Schödl)
  • VG Wort, Germany (Robert Staats)

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