Krzysztof Zanussi

Krzysztof Zanussi is a Polish screenwriter, director and producer for TV and cinema. After graduating in Physics, Philosophy and cinema, Krzysztof Zanussi started his career in the amateur film movement before going on to win numerous festival prizes (at Cannes, Venice, Locarno, Moscow, Chicago, Montreal, Berlin, Tokyo) for films such as The Structure of Crystal (1968), Illumination (1973), Camouflage (1976), The Constant Factor (1980), The Year of Quiet Sun (1984), Wherever You Are If You Are (1988), In Full Galop (1996), Persona non Grata (2004) and Revisited (2009). Foreign Body (2014) was presented in a number of festivals and released in cinemas in Poland. His latest work Eter (2018), a story of a medical doctor experimenting with science at the beginning of the 20th century in order to get power over people.

Zanussi has also worked as a theatre director and runs the TOR film studio, producer of the films by Krzysztof Kieslowski, Agnieszka Holland and many others.