Peter Payer

Peter Payer is an Austrian director. Payer initially studied medicine and worked as a ski instructor. From 1987 he worked as a trainee for cinema and TV and from 1990 onwards he directed and produced documentaries. Between 1990-1999 he shot about 100 commercials and numerous television films. With the movie Untersuchung an Mädeln (Girls Under Investigation, 1999), an adaptation of Albert Drach’s book he began his career as a cinema director. He then made Ravioli (2003), Villa Henriette (2006), Freigesprochen (Free to Leave, 2007) and Am Ende des Tages (What A Difference A Day Makes, 2011). He directed two episodes of the TV Series Stolberg in 2013 and a TV movie Tatort Staatsarchiv in 2018. The last film he wrote and directed, Glück Gehabt (I had chance) was released in 2019.