Wahrnehmungsgesellschaft für Urheberrechte GesmbH

Literar Mechana was founded in 1959 by authors and publishers to collectively protect the rights to linguistic works as well as sheet music. They represent over 23,000 writers, screenwriters, journalists, academic authors, translators and publishers. Literar-Mechana is operated by appropriate licence issued by the state authority that authorizes and supervises Austrian collecting societies. Literar-Mechana represents the private copying and reproduction rights, including inter alia photocopying, scanning, printing out, and the rights to use digital material, as well as the cable retransmission and other retransmissions, of individual rightsholders resident in or citizens of or incorporated in Austria and collects fees, negotiates licensing terms and/or grants licences for such rights in works and publications in which copyright subsists in that territory. Literar-Mechana operates on behalf of individual rightsholders, under voluntary mandates. In addition to collecting remuneration and providing licenses for the use of the works of their members, they also manage social and cultural institutions and advocate a modern copyright law. 

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