SAA Green Paper response underlines need for unwaivable authors’ remuneration right for online

SAA submitted its response to the EC’s Green Paper on the Online Distribution of Audiovisual Works calling for the European Commission to support its proposal for a collectively managed unwaivable remuneration right for the online access to films.

Following up on its White Paper and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Audiovisual Authors’ Rights and Remuneration in Europe the SAA further explained and justified how their proposal for an unwaivable remuneration right for online would help guarantee that directors and screenwriters are directly linked to the success of their works.

The SAA is following up on its dialogue with other stakeholders at the conference “Audiovisual Authors Online – Seizing the Digital Revolution” being held in Brussels on 29th November.  Further details and registration information can be found here.

SAA’s response also covered other issues such as the prospects for pan-European access to audiovisual content and a European single market for audiovisual media services.

SAA’s response can be downloaded here.  SAA’s White Paper here (executive summary here) and FAQ here.