SAA Expert Seminar on the Copyright directive, Article 18

Experts' top advice on fair remuneration for screenwriters and directors: implementing Article 18 of the EU Copyright Directive

2 June Wednesday 10:00-11:30 CET (on BlueJeans platform) 


7 June 2021 is the last day to implement the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market into national law, but few EU countries will meet the deadline. SAA’s expert seminar is an opportunity for national authorities and law-makers who are in the process of implementing the directive, to gain in-depth knowledge on how to best implement Article 18. The seminar will present the model of a right to remuneration and address Member States’ questions on its articulation with contractual freedom, the transfer of the exploitation rights to producers, the payment by users, collective management and the impact on the industry. The experts will argue why fair and proportionate remuneration is a win-win solution for all.

Other stakeholders interested in the topic are of course more than welcome to attend as well! 


Read the biographies here.


Barbara Hayes, Chair of the SAA and Deputy Chief Executive of the Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society, UK


Ibán García del Blanco (S&D, Spain), Vice-Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament

Fred Breinersdorfer, German screenwriter and director (video testimony) 

Raquel Xalabarder, Copyright law specialist and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Intellectual Property Chair Professor 

Séverine Dusollier, Law Professor, Sciences Po Paris 

Dominik Skoczek, Managing Director at ZAPA, Poland