Radu Mihaileanu

Radu Mihăileanu is a Romanian-born French screenwriter and director. His second feature Train de Vie (Train of Life) in 1998 launched his international career. The film won the Audience Award for “Best foreign film” at the Sundance Film Festival and two awards at the Venice Film Festival. Va, Vis et Deviens (Live and Become) in 2005 won three prices at the Berlin Film Festival and secured his position as one of the most renowned European directors today. Le Concert (The Concert) attracted more than 19 million spectators in the theatres. La source des femmes (The Source) was released in 2011 and selected at the Cannes Film Festival the same year. In 2014, he co-produced Cartoonists – Foot soldiers of Democracy (Caricaturistes, fantassins de la démocratie), a documentary film directed by Stéphanie Valloatto about 12 cartoonists around the world risking their lives to defend democracy. His last film, The History of love, which he directed and co-wrote, was released at the end of 2016.