Cabsat Regulation: a good step for the financing of creation; trilogue must now address issue of direct injection

SAA welcomes adoption of European Parliament Broadcasting Regulation negotiating mandate on 12 December and thanks members of Parliament who supported importance of territorial exclusivity.

The vote confirms the JURI Committee’s mandate and limits the scope of country of origin principle to news and current affairs in order to preserve the territoriality of rights. Territoriality is essential to support the cultural and linguistic diversity of the continent and the funding of European audiovisual and cinematographic works.

The trilogue negotiations, which will begin once the Council has adopted its position, will also deal with an important issue for the authors’ remuneration: direct injection.

As shown by Ampere Analysis, direct injection is the method used in the retransmission of channels and should not be an excuse for either broadcasters or distribution operators to avoid paying royalties to authors. The Parliament has laid the groundwork to guarantee authors fair remuneration in case of direct injection. But at this stage, the legislative proposal is not yet fully satisfactory as it does not make it clear that direct injection is subject to the same mandatory collective management regime as for retransmission.

SAA looks forward to the trilogue agreeing on a legal regime that guarantees the interests of European authors.