The Copyright legislation: Implementing Article 18

The new EU Copyright Directive is a historic opportunity for audiovisual authors that must be seized now. It will take a long time until there will be such an EU reform again. Looking back, the last comprehensive Copyright Directive dates back to 2001, 19 years ago. The implementation of this Directive is the chance to get national Copyright legislation right.

Upcoming events:

20 May 2021: Creating a Living: Why a Right to Remuneration is the solution for audiovisual authorsCo-organised with the International Authors Forum and Writers & Directors Worldwide

2 June 2021: Experts top 3 advice on fair remuneration for screenwriters and directors: Implementing the EU Copyright directive, Article 18

More information will follow.

Past events: 

17 March 2021: Collective Management: A Safety Net for Authors and Performers

  • Organised together with AEPO-ARTIS and suppoted by the Parliament's Cultural Creators Friendship Group

25 November 2020: The new Copyright legislation: Making the most for next generation authors

  • An event with testimonies from filmmakers about the struggles they face in the pandemic era and with reactions from the European Parliament, Member States representatives and experts.